Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finding My Voice

To say that I have been mildly absent from here recently would be an understatement.   I really would like to grow this blog more and have it truly be what I set out for it to be a while ago, about my life as a wife and mom.

I have struggled to find my voice, I often find myself censoring what I write on here and that isn’t how I want to utilize this space on the interwebs.  I want to speak my mind, I want to write how I speak (if that even makes sense), but most of all I want to be successful on here.  I don’t feel only sharing the good times with you is fair.  Because lately; while overall life is good, I have been struggling with some darker feelings and trying to overcome them.  I haven’t been that successful in doing that but I think if I have an outlet to voice my feelings one of two things might happen.

Someone out there who reads this might be going through something similar to me, and seeing how I deal with it or overcome it might be helpful.  Or the fact that they are not alone in their feelings in and of themselves might be helpful.  I don’t know, but I do know that I personally have read a post or two that spoke to my soul and helped me see the bigger picture.  I can only hope to be that for someone else.

I might meet someone who has similar thoughts or feelings as I do.  I already feel like I have “met” some amazing mommy bloggers who I would love to call friends. Heather of Cookies for Breakfast, Kathy of Kissing the Frog, Ashley of Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others.  These are just three of the AMAZING mom blogs I read on a daily bases.  But you know what is great; all three have very different voices behind their blogs.  I wish I could find my niche in there to have my personality come through in my writing as well as these fine ladies do.

So that is my new goal, to find my niche in this blogging world I am in.  I am going to count today as a fresh start for me and my blog.  I hope to get caught up on the rest of the house stuff, and how my kid refuses to be healthy for more than a week at a time!  But most of all I hope you come on the journey with me; there will be good days and bad days but most of all I hope I can find the meaning or at least some humor through it all.

I am excited to also say that in the next couple of months, I am going to be working with a couple lovely ladies who are going to be helping me put together a new blog design & character illustration.  I am just having some trouble deciding what kind of illustration I am wanting more.   If you could take a moment and answer the poll over there to your right I would greatly appreciate your input!

Until next time my beautiful friends!


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  1. Put it out there, people are constantly amazed how I actually suffer from severe depression and social anxiety and a relieved when they feel they can open up to me.

  2. I understand completely!! I also have been struggling to find my voice at times and still am. It is a big ocean, this interweb, and we're small little row boats trying to navigate it! Keep it up and write what you want to write!


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